2018 Stress Neurobiology Workshop

June 8-11, 2018


Welcome to the homepage for the Stress Neurobiology Workshop.

We are proud to host this bi-annual meeting in beautiful Banff, Canada in 2018. The focus of this meeting is to bring together a diverse group of researchers interested in stress neurobiology. This workshop has always had strong trainee involvement and we will continue this theme with poster sessions, trainee talks and special sessions geared towards mentorship and career opportunities. We are delighted to host leaders in stress and related neurobiology/behaviour/endocrinology fields. We are particularly excited to have a number of outstanding early careers investigators as speakers and we look forward to a lively and informative meeting.






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The Banff Centre, located in Banff, AB, is 135 km from Calgary airport (YYC). Flights should be booked in and out of YYC and transportation to Banff can be done via taking a shuttle (The Banff Airport is a reliable shuttle for this and can be booked https://banffairporter.com/) or by renting a car. If renting a car, please note that Banff is a national park in Canada and does have an entrance fee for cars to come in. 

Contact: stressneurobiologymeeting2018@gmail.com